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Watch a demo of Workday Adaptive Planning and learn how to build accurate planning models faster. Experience businesses planning, forecasting, and budgeting built for the cloud. 

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Budget planning built for today's businesses

Your business is dynamic, so your company's planning and forecasting environment should be as well. That's why we built world-class scale, speed, and flexibility into the modeling and forecasting capabilities of Workday Adaptive Planning–enterprise planning software anyone can use.

Budget Forecasting

Budget Forecasting

Harness world-class forecasting & modeling to maintain agility in your enterprise's budget.

Collaborate Across the Business

Collaborate on Budgets

Build your budget with company-wide planning & collaboration in mind.

Business Budget Analytics

Budgeting Analytics

Drive business performance with interactive dashboards, data visualizations, and charts.

Enterprise-level Reporting

Enterprise Level Reporting

Easy access to budget reporting— with instantly updated reports using the Microsoft Office Suite and OfficeConnect.

Predictive Budgeting Models

Scenario Planning & Budget Modeling

See how business & budgets can be affected by future decisions through complex scenario planning and budget modeling capabilities.

Software Integrations

Software Integrations

Easily connect to ERP, HCM, CRM, and other data sources for fast, reliable, and accurate business planning.

Create budget plans for your business in less time with less stress.

Budgeting and cloud-based financial planning software lets you move beyond spreadsheets and streamline your budgeting, forecasting, and planning process.

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